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A set of different sizes ripple cups in one box.

4 oz – 100 pcs, 6 oz – 100 pcs, 8 oz – 250 pcs, 12 oz – 250 pcs.


Buy 700 cups

Company “Future cup” manufactures paper cups of 4 sizes: 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, and 12 oz using European cup board paper of thickness from 170 to 275 g /m2. Paper cups are available with single or double side PE coating (15 PE). PE coating prevents cups from soaking. Paper cups can be both – standard printed and custom printed – depends on the client’s requirement.

4 oz

4 oz

6 oz

6 oz

8 oz

8 oz

12 oz

12 oz

Paper cup accessories

Cup sleeves

Separate cup sleeves for hot drinks made of ripple paper.

Cup lids

White or brown sip lids are available.


Single-use coffee stirrers made of wood (birch-tree).

Do not make any harm to health

It’s natural, ecologically pure product which consists of natural plant fibers.

Do not make any harm to the environment

Easily utilized, decomposition time in the environment – from some months up to a year.

Comfortable for using

Do not soak due to PE coating. Can be single or double side PE coated.

Ripple cups give pleasant tactile feeling

Do not burn hands during tactile contact

Hygiene guaranteed.

The possibility of reusing is excluded.

Excellent marketing tool.

Company’s name, product name, logo, contacts can be printed on the cup.

Suitable for both – hot and cold drinks.

Coffee, tea, cappuccino, water – any drinks at your choice and preference.

Looks aesthetically.

Paper cups easily absorb the color and give unlimited possibilities for designer’s imagination.

Suitable for vending machines.

Keep your drink hot for a longer period of time.

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