Ripple cups

We produce ripple cups of 5 sizes – 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 12 oz and 15 oz in 12 different colors – craft (recycled paper), yellow, green, brown, blue, black, dark pink ets)

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Type of Ripple cups 110 ml 175 ml 275 ml 400 ml 500 ml
Ripple cup Craft 0,91 1,13 1,33 1,71 2,15
Corrugated glass colored: brown, black, green, yellow, melange, olive, burgundy, turquoise, lavender, red. 1,03 1,36 1,62 2,03 2,37
Eco-ripple cup color 1,01 1,37 1,68 2,10

Prices are in UAH per unit. when ordering from 1 box (500 pcs.)

Ripple cups are perfect for hot drinks:

  • Do not transmit temperature to hands
  • Do not deform
  • Have better thermal insulation
  • Have pleasant tactile qualities

Total thickness of the cup is 400-500 g/m2.

Ripple cups are packed in polyethylene sleeves, 50 per one. There are 500 cups in one box.
For paper cups of 175 ml, 275 ml and 400 ml size black and white cup lids are available.


For ripple cups manufacture we use additional machines which cover single wall cups with ripple layer. Finished ripple cup is very thick due to the instantaneous gluing of the cone before feeding of the blank basis cup.

For ripple cups we use super strong glue – paper cup machines are equipped with modern Swiss gluing module, which is based on the use of hot melt glue. For ripple layer and cup bonding melted bricks of glue are previously applied on the cup guaranteeing instantaneous gluing. Such technique excludes the evaporation of chemical compounds during the manufacture as well as pouring hot liquid into the cup, so it is safer.

Ripple cups is a popular innovation on Ukrainian cup market. They are pleasant to touch in tactile contact, exclude hand’s burning while pouring boiling liquids and at the same time keep warm longer. Ripple cups use heightens the level of every establishment – office, gas-station or cafe.

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