Production of paper cups

Future cups company is a Ukrainian manufacturer of paper cups. Our production facilities are located in the Kyiv region, the Gostomel city.

We produce a quality product, because we work on high-tech equipment from South Korea and from European raw materials of Scandinavian origin.

Product certification

The main supplier of raw materials is the Swedish-Finnish concern Metsa Group. Equipment made in South Korea.

Quaity guarantee

Paper is a natural ecologically product, the biggest part of it is cellulose

Delivery to Ukraine and all over the world

Delivery in the home region of the Kyiv region (Buchansky, Gostomelsky, Irpensky, Vorzelsky region), as well as carriers New Mail, Delveri, and delivery in Kyiv.

Paper cups

The Future cups company specializes in the production of various types and capacities of paper cups 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 oz

Trendy colors and design

We have a big assortment and design of one layers, ripple cups and double wall cups

Customer demand is our priority

Almost each month we produce new cups desigs.

Customer logo design

Our marketing approach is the best design is that havin your company logo of it.

Technical characteristics

Industrial educational program

Green Field production premisses

We’ve managed to build our production premises which are located in Kiev region known well by war GOSTOMEL and BUCHA towns. STEP BY STEP PAPER CUPS PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY

  1. Paper The paper we buy is supplied from Europe in big reels – the origin of raw material is mainly Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Finland – where the climate is ideal – wet and cold enough, so the wood grows slowly giving the best quality cellulose. These countries have special wood fields and developed farming sector. They also take care about ecology – planting 7 more trees instead of one used.
  2. Cutting into sheets The technology of offset printing we have chosen makes us to cut the big reels into pieces. This allows us to make each cusomter design in quite small quantities up to 5 thousand pieces each print.
  3. Printing To start printing we need to divide the drawing into separate colors SMYK or PATONE. We need to put each color separately on each aluminum plate. Printing goes as second step after cutting - - that obvious for the professionals. But for normal people we should also tell this. Sometimes clients ask put just our small logo for us on your white cup, no we explain, it does not work like this, the design is put on the white sheet.
  4. Punching of blanks Special equipment such as die cutting machine punches the paper on the blanks of the special size cups
  5. Printing The drawing is applied on the paper sheet, which is has from 5 up to 24 blanks depending on the cup size.
  6. Cup “twisting” The machine cuts the bottom of the roll and twists the blanks into a cup. Glue is not used, since the connection of parts occurs due to thermal soldering of the laminated layer.

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materials and suppliers

Materials and suppliers for the production of paper cups

Paper, or more correctly, cellulose cardboard, is the basis for such a business. IN as an educational program for our customers, we want to inform you that, unfortunately, the manufacturer of paper There are no bases for glasses in Ukraine. We would be very happy to support the Ukrainian manufacturer, but, unfortunately, this, most likely, will not happen in the near future. The fact is that for glasses you need very high quality flexible and plastic paper, with a high content (up to 90%) of pure cellulose. For this, special tree species are used with solid base - mainly "larch" - a tree that grows slowly in cold climates. The climate of Ukraine, alas, is not quite suitable for this. The best conditions for its growth are the Scandinavian peninsula - Finland, Sweden - this the territory is also called the territory of "green gold".
Over the years of the company's existence, we have tried a large number of manufacturers and currently moment we give preference to European quality. One of the main suppliers is the Swedish-Finnish concern Metsa Group. Company policy is such that it carefully treats the use of natural resources - instead of 1 felled tree is planted 7, the company is careful about the reuse of water, energy, recycling of wood residues - closing the production eco-cycle, which appeals to the philosophy our business. When you fly over Sweden, it becomes obvious why this country specializes in the production of paper - the whole country is densely covered with forests. Moreover, few European paper manufacturers can boast that one place the entire production cycle was assembled - from trees to lamination. This raw material allows to produce high-quality products - paper cups - our pride.
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